Báo cáo của Việt Nam tại cuộc họp IRG#59

Cuộc họp của nhóm Báo cáo viên chữ biểu ý IRG lần thứ 59 được tiến hành qua zoom.

Sau đây là báo cáo hoạt động của Việt Nam từ cuộc họp trước đến nay:

Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set International Organization for Standardization


Title: Vietnam Activity Report for IRG # 59 Source: Vietnam

Status: National body contribution

Action: For consideration by JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG Date: 15 October 2022

Here is a summary of Vietnam’s activities

1.  Submitted IRGN2553

This document proposes clarifying the distinctions between the glyphs for U+58B6 and U+2143F. We will add a stroke to U+2143F to match the G and H glyphs for

for that character and to distinguish it from the V glyph for U+58B6.

2.  Submitted IRGN2556R

This document proposes changing a number of V-Source ideographs. The changes are based on our continuing review of the original source references and a desire to normalize glyph shapes where feasible.

3.  Review of Working Set 2021

We reviewed and commented on a subset of the working set, and responded to the comments of other reviewers via the Online Review Tool.

4.  Nom Na Tong font

We continue to develop the non-UCS branch of the NomNaTong-Regular font. This includes changes described in IRGN2556R as well as a number of other changes and additions. When approved, we plan to roll these changes back into the UCS branch for publication.

Major changes in the current version, v5.02 include:

  1. Mappings for V-Source glyphs in Extension H.
    1. Corresponding update of our website, nomfoundation.org, to Extension H encodings.
    1. Approximately 800 new glyphs from Takeuchi Yonosuke’s Tự Điển Chữ Nôm Bảng Tra Chữ Nôm, edited by Hồ Lê

5.  Table of Standard Hán Nôm Characters for Common Use

There is an effort to standardize a reduced set of Hán-Nôm characters for daily use in Vietnam. This is described here: http://www.hannom-rcv.org/BCHNCTD.html. The characters proposed are almost all encoded in the current URO, but there is a small number, about 300, that are not identified as V-Source. These may be proposed for horizontal extension in the future.