Nghị quyết của cuộc họp nhóm IRG lần thứ 60 qua zoom

JTC1/SC2/ISO/IEC 10646/IRG N2600 SC2 N4840 and WG2 5203

Date: 2023-03-24

IRG Meeting #60, attended by experts from China, Republic of Korea (ROK), Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, TCA, UK, Vietnam, USA/Unicode, SAT Committee and individual experts, has made the following recommendations and action items:

Recommendation IRG M60.1: Future Meeting Schedule

IRG resolves to adopt the following meeting schedule:


IRG#61, Yale University, backed up by online zoom (Unicode), 2023-10- 16/20

IRG#62, Online Zoom(Unicode), 2024-03-18/22 IRG#63, 2024-10-21/25(tentative), ROK

IRG#64, Online Zoom(Unicode), 2025-03-17/21(tentative) IRG#65, Beijing, 2025-10-13/17(Tentatively), China

Note: IRG plans to have one Zoom meeting and one face-to-face meeting per year when travel resumes.

Recommendation IRG M60.2: Confirmation of UCV and NUCV (IRGN2584, IRGN2605 )

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG accepts updated UCV examples and revised NUCV examples (IRGN2584) produced after IRG#59. The confirmed documents will be posted on IRG working document series website by IRG convenor by April 7, 2023.

Recommendation       IRG      M60.3:      New                                   UCV     and            NUCV (IRGN2604AppendixB )

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG further accepts new UCV examples concluded in IRG #60 (IRGN2604AppendB) with the following update schedule:

Action Items:

  • 2023-04-21: IWDS co-editor to produce a new UCV list (IRGN2610 draft)
  • 2023-05-12: Experts give feedback to IRG convenor and IWDS co-editor
  • 2023-09-08: IWDS co-editor to update IRGN2610 draft if needed
  • 2023-10-04: All feedback should reach IRG for finalization at IRG#61.

Recommendation IRG M60.4: IRG PnP V16 (IRGN2582draft &Feedback, IRGN2605)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG PnP V16 (IRGN2582) is finalized at IRG#60 according to IRG#59 recommendations to ensure quality submission and not usually encode nonce ideographs as well as introducing non-Chinese simplified radicals. IRG PnP V16 will be submitted to WG2 on 2023.03.31.

Recommendation      IRG      M60.5:      IRG                                  Working                Set        2021 (IRGN2581&feedback, IRGN2604)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG has reviewed WS 2021V4.0, feedback and responses and agrees to produce WS 2021V5.0 (IRGN2606) based on conclusions included in IRGN2604AppendixA. The working schedule to produce WS 2021 V5.0 (IRGN2606) is given below.

Action Items:

  • 2023-05-12: The IRG Chief Editor and the ORT Manager fix all data. Character submitters submit updated fonts to the IRG Chief Editor and the ORT Manager. (7 weeks.)
  • 2023-06-02: The ORT Manager releases WS2021v5.0(IRGN2606) online and distributes attributes file (xlsx format). (3 weeks.)
  • 2023-07-28: The IRG editors submit comments through ORT. (8 weeks.)
  • 2023-08-18: The ORT Manager releases Consolidated Comments online and distributes PDF file. (3 weeks.)
  • 2023-10-06: The editors provide feedback to comments online. (7 weeks.)
  • Submitters are encouraged to submit documents of the discussed horizontal extensions and glyph changes of coded characters.

Note: new and revised UCV and NUCV examples included in IRGN2604AppendixB are to be referenced in WS2021 review.

Recommendation IRG M60.6: ROK Horizontal Extension (IRGN2588R, IRGN2605)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG accepts the horizontal extension of 134 characters and requests ROK to submit the documents and font to WG2 by 2023-04-15.

Recommendation    IRG    M60.7:   Draft   GB18030-2022                        Amendment Feedback (IRGN2591, IRGN2605)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG agrees with the USNB feedback in IRGN2591, and would like to emphasize the importance of adhering to our well-established standardization process. IRG also wants to emphasize the importance of providing to IRG experts in a timely manner any future drafts of GB 18030 amendments and their review periods. This will help to ensure a meaningful review, and to avoid using the ISO/IEC 10646 standard inappropriately. IRG also encourages China to prepare and submit a UNC submission for the ideographs in question, which should include any that may be present in IRG Working Set 2021.

Recommendation      IRG      M60.8:            G-Source                       Glyph   Issue (IRGN2609&Feedback, IRGN2605)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG accepts the change of two G-source glyphs (U+25D89 and U+28BBA)  to their original forms. China is asked to submit the revised glyphs and updated source information to IRG (IRGN2611) and WG2 by 2023-03-31.

Recommendation       IRG       M60.09:       T-Source                                   Glyph    Issue (IRGN2577&response, IRGN2605)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG accepts the change of one T-source glyph (U+31D5A/T13-396B) to match the original inscription. TCA is asked to submit the revised glyph to IRG (IRGN2613) and WG2 by 2023-03-31.

Recommendation IRG M60.10: Issues related to Transliteration of Ancient Scripts (IRGN2612, IRGN2605)

Unanimous                                                                                              IRG recognizes the necessity to address the transliteration of ancient scripts. Based on the draft text in IRGN2612, IRG experts are invited to give feedback for discussion and possible finalization at IRG #61 for IRG PnP.


IRG would like to express its sincerest thanks to the IRG #60 meeting sponsor, the Unicode Consortium, for arranging the Zoom virtual meeting. In particular, the IRG expresses it sincere gratitude to Mr. Peter Constable, chair of the Unicode Technical Committee, who graciously arranged the Zoom virtual meeting. IRG would also like to thank Dr. Ken Lunde, Chair of the CJK & Unihan Group and Vice-Chair of Emoji Subcommittee who has made great efforts to help arranging meeting logistics including, but not limited to, managing access to Zoom and keeping the participants list up to date.

IRG would like to show its sincere appreciation to Henry Chan again for the development of the IRG ORT and encourages Henry Chan and other experts to add more functions into ORT when appropriate for IRG review and sharing.

IRG is grateful to the Chinese University of Hong Kong for providing the server of the IRG Website.

In Memoriam

IRG is grieving and is deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of our beloved Mr. John H. Jenkins (井作恆), one of the founding members of IRG and one of the longest continuously serving experts in IRG for more than 30 years. John participated in IRG as an expert and was the maintainer of the Unihan database. He is an exemplary person whose collaboration skills and dedication were without equal. He will be missed by us all.

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