Khuyến cáo và khoản mục hành động của cuộc họp IRG #59

JTC1/SC2/ISO/IEC 10646/IRG N2570 SC2 N4825 and WG2 XXXX

Date: 2022-10-21

IRG Meeting #59, attended by experts from China, Republic of Korea (ROK), Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, TCA, UK, Vietnam, USA/Unicode, SAT Committee and individual experts, has made the following recommendations and action items:

Recommendation IRG M59.1: Future Meeting Schedule

IRG resolves to adopt the following meeting schedule: IRG#60, Online Zoom(Unicode), 2023-03-20/24


IRG#61, Yale University, backed up by online zoom (Unicode), 2023-10- 16/20

IRG#62, Online Zoom(Unicode), 2024-03-18/22

Note: IRG plans to have one Zoom meeting and one face-to-face meeting per year when travel resumes.

Recommendation IRG M59.2: Confirmation of UCV and NUCV (IRGN2548, IRGN2550,



IRG accepts updated UCV examples and revised NUCV examples (IRGN2548) produced after IRG#58 as well as the introduction of levels with updated text (IRGN2550). The confirmed documents will be posted on IRG working document series website by IRG convenor by 31 Oct, 2022.

Recommendation IRG M59.3: New UCV and NUCV (IRGN2576, IRGN2569, IRGN2571)


IRG further accepts three new UCV examples and one extended example proposed in IRGN2576 and IRGN2569 as agreed in both IRGN2569 and IRGN2571 with the following update schedule:

Action Items:

  • 2022-11-12: IWDS co-editor to produce a new UCV list (IRGN2584 draft)
  • 2022-12-16: Experts give feedback to IRG convenor and IWDS co-editor
  • 2023-01-20: IWDS co-editor to update IRGN2584 draft if needed
  • 2023-03-17: All feedback should reach IRG for finalization at IRG#60.

Recommendation IRG M59.4: IRG PnP V16 (IRGN2551&Feedback, IRGN2566,

IRGN2569, IRGN2571)


IRG considers it unnecessary to introduce the term “self-created characters” in IRG (IRGN2551). Yet, IRG acknowledges the necessity to clarify the guidelines for quality submission.With reference to IRGN2566 and IRGN2551&feedback as well as editorial review of IRG WS 2021, IRG agrees to update its PnP (version 16) with the following working schedule:

Action Items:

  • 2022-12-16: 1st draft ready by IRG convenor for review (IRGN2582)
  • 2023-01-20: Experts give feedback to IRG convenor
  • 2023-02-20: 2nd draft ready if needed
  • 2023-03-17: All feedback should reach IRG for deliberation at IRG#60.

Recommendation IRG M59.5: IRG Working Set 2021 (IRGN2549&Feedback, IRGN2569)


IRG has reviewed WS 2021V3.0, feedback and responses and agrees to produce WS 2021V4.0 based on conclusions included in IRGN2569AppendixA. The working schedule to produce IRG WS 2021 V4.0 (IRGN2581) is given below.

Action Items:

  • 2022-12-09: The IRG Chief Editor and the ORT Manager fix all data. Character submitters submit updated fonts to the IRG Chief Editor and the ORT Manager. (7 weeks.)
  • 2022-12-23: The ORT Manager releases IRGN2581 WS2021v4.0 online and distributes attributes file (xlsx format). (2 weeks.)
  • 2023-02-10: The IRG editors submit comments through ORT. (7 weeks.)
  • 2023-02-24: The ORT Manager releases Consolidated Comments online and distributes PDF file. (2 weeks.)
  • 2023-03-16: The editors provide feedback to comments online. (2+3 weeks.)

Note: new and revised UCV and NUCV examples included in IRGN2584draft are to be referenced in WS2021 review.

Recommendation  IRG   M59.6: Freeze of IRG Working Set 2021 ( IRGN2569)


IRG agrees to freeze IRG WS2021 after IRG #60. That is, no more characters can be added back to the main set after WS2021v5.0. This is to ensure timely delivery of IRG work as well as the quality of this collection.

Recommendation IRG M59.7: Handling of a music symbol (IRGN2540 &Feedback, IRGN2571)


IRG has no objection to encode Sanban signs as a complete set of musical symbols under a symbol notation system, separate from CJK characters.

Recommendation IRG M59.8: T-Source evidence for personal names (IRGN2554R,



IRG recognizes the quality management measures built into Taiwan’s Household Registration Information System. IRG is aware that this system now accepts personal names only if the characters are in major dictionaries. This can eliminate the possibility of arbitrarily created characters for personal name use in the future. IRG is assured that the submitted characters are for living persons in verified entries of the system which, in principle, is sufficient evidence for encoding. Personal name characters from TCA in WS2021 will be processed based on current IRG principles and procedures.

Recommendation IRG M59.9: Helpful Contextual Information for Personal

Name Submissions (IRGN2569)


IRG has concerns over personal name submission without contextual evidence as this can lead to over-unification or under-unification without additional semantic/phonetic information. IRG would like to  remind future submitters  to consider other helpful information for the review of these characters to minimize potential unification issues.

Recommendation  IRG  M59.10: Five New Ideographic Description Characters

(IRGN2572&Feedback, IRGN2571)


IRG has no objection to the encoding of the five newly proposed ideographic description characters as they can be used in IDSes to describe character compositions. IRG also recognizes that one of the operators has possible ambiguities if no constraint is given. There should also be some rules for the use of two unary operators. IRG would encourage its experts to devise a set of IRG constraints and rules such that these characters can be conveniently used in IDSes with minimal ambiguity and confusion.

Recommendation IRG M59.11: Feedback on Ext. H for U+31F68 (IRGN2583, IRGN2571)


IRG considers U+31F68 unifiable to U+26C25. IRG further agrees to change the source-value of U+31F68 from GXM-00175 to GU-31F68 to indicate an orphan character. IRG convenor is to forward this recommendation to WG2 Convenor.

Recommendation IRG M59.12: CJK Ideograph property (IRGN2574, IRGN2571)


IRG understands the need to fix the total stroke count inconsistency issue (IRGN2574). The ORT Manager is asked to review and give feedback on the feasibility to do this.

Recommendation  IRG  M59.13: T-Source  ideographs (IRGN2580R&Feedback, IRGN2571)


IRG accepts the 21 glyph change request and 4 horizontal extension proposed by TCA (IRGN2580R) and ask TCA to provide WG2 with the attribute data(IRGN2586) and font by Oct. 31, 2022.

Recommendation IRG M59.14: Encoding of early Chinese organic chemical

characters in WS2021 and other complex ideographs (IRGN2578, IRGN2571)


IRG considers a separate descriptive scheme for early Chinese organic chemical characters unnecessary as China points out that this way of describing organic chemicals is obsolete.

Recommendation IRG M59.15: Component Glyph Change of 97 K- Source Characters

(IRGN2549ROKResponse, IRGN2571)


IRG accepts that the component change request from mouth-dagger (口+匕) to mouth-seven ( 口+ 七, U+20B9F) for 97 KR Hanja chars as given in IRGN2549ROKResponse. Consequently, the update  for  these 97   characters

includes both glyph change and their corresponding IDSes. These characters are in WS 2021, WS 2017 (= CJK ExtH), and UCS (CJK  main (URO), ExtA,

ExtC, ExtF, and ExtG). New IDSes will be added. The following gives actions corresponding to different collections:

Action Items:

  • IRG WS 2021(31 chars): Font and IDSes to be submitted to IRG chief editor and ORT Manager by 10 Dec., 2022 for inclusion in IRG WS 2021V.4.0
  • IRG WS 2017 (3 chars in Ext. H): ROK to submit a comment for the vote of SC2 N4815 ISO/IEC 10646:2020/DAmd 1(Ed 6) requesting glyph change by 28 Nov., 2022.
  • UCS (63 chars): ROK to submit a document (IRGN2585) to WG2 directly to request for glyph change by 10 Dec., 2022.

Recommendation IRG M59.16: Input on Daoist characters (IRGN2579, IRGN2571)


IRG appreciates TCA’s efforts to set up an expert group to study Daoist characters and encourages interested experts to join the efforts to come up with suggestions for future handling of Daoist characters.

Recommendation IRG M59.17:  V-source  glyph  change request (IRGN2556&Feedback,



IRG accepts the request on V-source glyph change and horizontal extension  in IRGN2556R with a new horizontal extension for U+2585E. Vietnam is to submit the attribute data (IRGN2587) and font to WG2 by 31 Oct. 2022 for further processing.


IRG would like to express its sincerest thanks to the IRG #59 meeting sponsor, the Unicode Consortium, for arranging the Zoom virtual meeting. In particular, the IRG expresses it sincere gratitude to Mr. Peter Constable, chair of the

Unicode Technical Committee, who graciously arranged the Zoom virtual meeting. IRG would also like to thank Dr. Ken Lunde, Chair of the CJK & Unihan Group and Vice-Chair of Emoji Subcommittee, and Mr. John Jenkins, Vice-Chair of the CJK & Unihan Group, who have made great efforts to help arranging meeting logistics including, but not limited to, managing access to Zoom and keeping the participants list up to date.

IRG would like to show its sincere appreciation to Henry Chan again for the development of the IRG ORT and encourages Henry Chan to add more functions into ORT when appropriate for IRG review and sharing.

IRG is grateful to the Chinese University of Hong Kong for providing the server of the IRG Website.

End of document