IRG2490-Proposal to to modify source references of V-Source ideographs


Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set

International Organization for Standardization


Title: Proposal to modify source references of V-Source ideographs

Source: Vietnam

Status: National Body

Proposal Authors: Eiso Chan, Lee Collins, Ngô Trung Việt

Action: For consideration by the IRG

Date: 2021-04-13


Vietnam proposes modifications to the conventions for IRG source references for V-Source ideographs. The new scheme would be the following:

1. Retain the existing V0 to V4 prefixes.

2. Replace all source references currently having the V or VU prefix with a new VN prefix, which is followed by a 5-digit hexadecimal code. The value of the 5-digit hexadecimal code would be the Unicode code point, including those in the SPUA. Codes in planes 0, 2 and 3 would be primarily from the common set of ideographs used throughout East Asia and added to the URO or extensions through horizontal extensions. Codes in the SPUA would be those originally identified for use primarily in Vietnam, especially not exclusively in the Nôm script, and assigned pending encoding in the URO or extensions. The SPUA codes would be retained permanently, even after extension to the URO or extensions.

The attached kIRG_VSource_update.txt data file includes all of the proposed source reference changes per the above conventions. The third column is the current (Unicode Version 14.0 Alpha) property value, and the fourth column is the proposed new property value. Consequently, we propose the following changes to the documentation of the kIRG_VSource property in the Unihan database (UAX #38):


The whole document is at

Proposal to change kIRG_VSource